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The We Belong Forum promotes sustainable innovations and responsible brands that generate higher values and revenues while creating resilient ecological and human ecosystems.

Nathalie Bastianelli, founder of We Belong Foundation, invited Vegea to attend the 3rd edition of the conference in Beijing, on 24th November 2017, as she sees the company as an inspiring change-maker.


Gianpiero Tessitore, Owner of VEGEA, discussed about the opportunities bioeconomy offers, highlighting the tools companies should have in order to attract more investments. “Sustainability will be the core of any company’s development. Companies developing new sustainable models will have huge opportunities to grow” said Tessitore during the debate.


“Connecting the participants of our events to sustainable and positive innovations and solutions is very joyful and brings hope. Inspirations and the sharing of concrete actions are necessary in order to have an impact on reality: to let oneself be inspired is already to choose for a new way of thinking, and therefore a new choice of life and consumption. This helps to discover this new collective consciousness and to boost motivation to re-enchant the world” declared Bastianelli during the wrap up ceremony.

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