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On Thursday 8th February 2018, Vegea was invited in Verona to attend Innowination, a conference about sustainability, development and innovation within the wine Industry.

Every sector of the Industry, including winegrowing, should have a sustainable and green vision.


The industry understood the importance of byproducts recovery, actually winemaking leftovers (grape skins, stalks and seeds) separation and valorisation play an important role in sustainability: these organic byproducts represent a concrete resource rather than an annoying cost to cover. It is this the mission of Vegea, a company valorising winemaking leftovers after distillation, by producing innovative biopolymers.

During the debate, Francesco Merlino, Owner of Vegea, said ” sustainable innovation should drive the development of wine Industries, this is the only way for them to have a market potential and compete in the global market”.


Andrea Sartori, President and Owner of Valpolicella Consortium, shared his corporate philosophy, based on the project “Reduce, Save, Respect”, integrated production Certification in Valpolicella.

The protocol was adopted by the Consortium in order to certificate the Valpolicella environment protection through the monitoring of the companies’ plant protection products utilisation. Now in Its third year of implementation, the protocol is currently interacting with international certification authorities operating in the same field.

“the wine industry, with Its production and supply chain, is a huge area of application for innovative companies” said Giuseppe Capetta, Innovation Manager Intesa Sanpaolo.

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