Press Release


On 13th July 2017, Vegea was invited at Fashion for good space in Amsterdam as Its innovation platform recognized the company as a very promising one.

Fashion for Good is the global initiative that works to make all fashion good. At the core of Fashion for Good is the Innovation Platform, which includes the Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator, a Scaling Programme, and an Acceleration Fund. By sparking and scaling innovation, by offering practical action in the form of support, funding and roadmaps, and by fostering sector-wide collaboration rather than competition, they enable the daring invention and widespread adoption of good fashion practice.


“The current linear model of take-make-waste is not sustainable. To move towards a circular economy is a smart way to letting people live at a standard they aspire to but without the impact on the environment. As nothing goes to waste, we can transform all resources into high value added products”, said Gianpiero Tessitore, Owner of Vegea.


Plug and Play is the largest global innovation platform and Silicon Valley’s most active VC. With hundreds of entrepreneurs from across the world, it is the best platform for companies to evolve and thrive.

The accelerator has been established through a partnership between Fashion for Good (with C&A Foundation as the founding partner) and Plug and Play. The core objective is to find, invest in, and accelerate companies that fast-track the transition to a sustainable and circular apparel industry.

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