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From 1st March 2018, Vegea enters the Horizon 2020 program through the SME Instrument Phase II.


The European Commission, with the Horizon 2020 program, funds high-potential innovation through a dedicated SME instrument, which offers seamless business innovation support under the section Societal Challenges and the specific part Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies. Provided with about € 3 billion in funding over the period 2014-2020, the SME Instrument helps high-potential SMEs to develop groundbreaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to face global market competition.


Supported by Horizon 2020 program, Vegea will develop Vegea textile project.


Vegea company developed and patented Vegeatextile® technology for the production of biobased technical fabrics from wine industry biomass: grape marc.

Grape marc is a fully vegetal raw material consisting of grape skins, stalks and seeds that remain after crushing the grapes during wine production


An innovative polymerization technology enables the transformation of wine Industry biomass’ oils and lignocellulosic components into a biopolymer for Vegeatextile® production.

It took three years of R&D activities to optimize the technology that currently offers biopolymers performances that are ready for industrialization with respect for the environment.


Vegeatextile®  is offering an alternative and cost efficient solution to the use of animal and fossil-derived materials.The developed material is compatible with all the applications of fashion, furniture, automotive and transportation.

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