Press Release


On 2nd February 2018, Versace brand held a workshop on sustainable innovation in Milan, with the aim to embark on a sustainable mission dedicated to Its products.

Gianpiero Tessitore, Owner of Vegea, was there together with Versace team and Its collabrators such as suppliers, consultants, garment makers, etc.


Luxury and sustainability seem to be two antithetical words. Anyway, international luxury brands are more and more looking into sustainability since new generations care about quality and fancy products but they also want to make sustainable choices


Gianpiero Tessitore took part to the debate, explaining how Vegea strategy is strongly focused on new materials R&D investments. “the company is focused on new raw materials research  and on the development of ecosustainable technologies complying with the strictest existing rules, thus contributing to support a sustainable lifestyle” said Tessitore.

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