Press Release


On 6 December 2017 at the European Parliament in Bruxelles, Nestlè-Nespresso held the “Innovation for the Circular Economy” event. During the conference, 8 speakers representing European ventures discussed about the development of bioeconomy models having the potential to build a sustainable future.

Vegea, an Italian company developing a new circular economy model in the field of new materials, was there among the speakers. The conversation started from singular business experiences and moved to the tools Europe should adopt to boost the transition toward a circular economy.


Francesco Merlino, Owner of Vegea, shared the vision of his company, consisting in the development of a sustainable supply chain based on local raw materials that can be competitive against fossil raw material utilization, thanks to the adoption of innovative technologies. “Forward looking environmental regulations educating the farmers to contribute using their waste biomass for high value added applications, can have a huge impact” said Merlino.


The dabate was moderated by Daniel Weston, Sustainability Manager at Nespresso, who said: “Nespresso is well known for innovation, either for the design of the machines and the recycling system of coffee pads. We are excited about this event and we do hope that all these new ideas will be able to inspire the innovation Europe needs to reach Its circular economy goals”.

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