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On 24th-25th January 2018, at Iris Studios, London, the Future Fabrics Expo, now in Its seventh year, showcased over 5000 sustainable innovative materials and projects that can help minimize the environmental impact of the industry and society.

These materials embody a range of sustainable principles and new technologies, sourced from international suppliers and mills who demonstrate a commitment to lowering the environmental impact across the textile supply chain.


As a Company watching into sustainability and innovation, Vegea was invited to give two seminars about Its virtuous circular economy model, having the potential to solve the world’s mounting waste problem by doing away with the very concept of waste altogether.

The circular economy we adopted is the solution to the challenges connected to the take-make-waste model, that is getting no longer sustainable, inefficient and expensive” said Gianpiero Tessitore, Owner of Vegea.


The event reached over 1000 visitors from luxury, high street brands, and start-up fashion brands. Cos, Kering, Vivienne Westwood, LWMH, Marks&Spencer, Louis Vuitton and Paul Smith were only a few of the companies attending. The BBC Worldservice film crew came over to film Vegea and other innovations in order to feature a part of It in their upcoming documentary on sustainable fashion.

The Future Fabrics Expo founder, Nina Marenzi, said: “The Future Fabrics expo was born as a project of The Sustainable Angle, which was set up in 2010 to support projects helping to cut the industry’s environmental impact…Great companies are those that have integrated sustainability into their entire production process and see It as an opportunity. It’s the future!”

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