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The 21st edition of Ecomondo, the leading Euro-Mediterranean area and green and circular economy expo, was held in Rimini from 7 to 10 November 2017.

Ecomondo is an international event that deals with all issues of the circular economy, from material and energy recover to sustainable development.


Italy is a country where the energy efficiency, waste recycling and resource recovery are some of the main areas of study and concern.

Attending Ecomondo means having the opportunity to meet global leaders in those fields, knowing about new trends and technologies and dealing with green economy professionals.


At a panel discussion held by Legambiente, Franceso Merlino, Owner of Vegea, presented his company that develops and engineers biomass technologies and process, and in particular, valorise agroindustry waste by fostering the use of renewable sources, in alternative to fossil sources.


“The analysis of agroindustry issues combined with continuous research and innovation within new process and products, led to develop cutting edge technologies valorising organic matrices. We developed different groups of polymers from renewable raw materials in order to create polymeric matrices for different applications: technical textile, fashion & design, furniture, automotive & transportation, foodpack, pharma and beverage” said Merlino.

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