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During the 9th European Innovation Summit on 28th November 2017, at the European Parliament, Vegea was recogised as one the Europe’s top fifty companies.

The EU Top 50 ‘Hemicycle Company Convention’ invited the EU Top 50 most promising next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to present and showcase their ventures to European leaders in politics, business and finance, in areas such as security, education, transportation, deep technology, energy transition, space exploration, food and agriculure, health care & life sciences, climate change and environment, materials and new production technology, bio-, nano- and neurotech, and digital technologies.


Francesco Merlino, Owner of Vegea, a company operating in the field of biomass recovery and utilization, was invited to pitch his innovation in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament. “In the new era scenario, a concept for a restorative economic model is looking increasly attractive as natural resources become more scarce and expensive” said Merlino.


2017 is an important year for the future of innovation in Europe and preparations for the next Multiannual Financial Framework have started, part of which is the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The ‘Hemicycle Company Convention’ is be the biggest ever company gathering in the Plenary room of a Parliament in Europe, it is an opportunity to reflect on how we can innovate more intelligently by making better use of available knowledge and resources.


“We’re on a mission to find Millennials who are disrupting industries” said Dr Roland Strauss, Managing Director of Knowledge4Innovation. “We understand the importance of knowledge exchange and the need to empower the region’s most promising young founders, who are leveraging technology to build disruptive solutions that meet Europe’s most pressing challenges” he continued.


Prof. Jerzy Buzek — ITRE Committee Chairman, former President of the European Parliament, and former Prime Minister of Poland; Prof. Bertrand Piccard — medical doctor and explorer, inspirational speaker; Victor Negrescu — Minister Delegate for European Affairs, Romania, former Member of the European Parliament and digital entrepreneur. These are only a few of the keynote speakers taking part to the event.

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