The company has developed and patented Vegeatextile®  technology for the production of biobased technical textiles from wine industry biomass: grape marc.

Grape marc is a fully vegetal raw material consisting og the grape skins, stalks and seeds that remain after crushing the grapes during wine production.

An innovative polymerization technology is able to turn wine industry biomass oils and lignocellulose into biopolymers for Vegeatextile® production.




It took three years of Research and Development activities to optimize the technology that currently offers biopolymers performances that are ready for industrialization with respect for the environment.

Vegeatextile® offers a sustainable and cost efficient alternative to animal and oil derived materials. The resulti is a material that is compatible with all the applications of fashion, furniture, automotive & transportation.

In collaboration with textile companies, the company’s is developing varieties of the material differing in weight, thickness, elasticity, finishing and texture.






In collaboration with companies operating in the same field and supported by H&M Foundation, the company produced the first  Vegeatextile®  fashion collection.

Under the creative direction of ecodesigner Tiziano Guardini, the company worked on the first prototypes for dresses, handbags and shoes showing the great potential and versatility of the material.