Our company has developed the VegeaTextile technology for the production of bio-based textiles derived from wine industry residues.



The concept of our technology is the valorization of grape marc, a 100% vegetal feedstock comprising the skins, the seeds and the stalks of the wine grape bunch, which are left over after winemaking. The breakthrough of VegeaTextile is linked to the simultaneous valorization of the whole grape marc.

Indeed, from the seeds we extract a bio-oil which is then polymerized using an innovative patented process. In parallel, the skins and the stalks are employed in the specific compounding, also a patented step, for the production of a textile with advanced technical properties.




VegeaTextile offers an alternative and economically sustainable solution to the use of animal or fossil derived materials. The produced material is compatible with all the main industrial applications in the  fashion, design, automotive and transportation fields.




VegeaTextile technology optimization has required three years of dedicated Research and Development activities to establish a synthetic process which enables a yield in bio-material of industrial level, with a specific emphasis on the environmental aspects.

In collaboration with companies of the fashion industry, and supported by the H&M Foundation, Vegea produced the first VegeaTextile fashion collection.

With the support of the European Commission, through the awarding of a SME Instrument phase 2 grant, Vegea is currently working to industrialize VegeaTextile, in order to bring the product to the market.