During the  51st edition of Vinitaly, the international wine exposition held from 9 to 12 April 2017, VEGEA decorated the old town of Verona and the Nespresso lounge-vip area situated within the fair.

The Nespresso area was decorated with the first Vegeatextile furniture prototypes for sofas and seats. A beautiful synergy between Nespresso and Vegea, companies both focusing on good taste, innovation and sustainability.


Many guests had access to the Vinitaly Lounge for Grand Cru wine, champagne, coffee and also EVO oil tasting. They so much appreciated the idea of a tasting experience inside of  an ecosustainable furniture ambience.

Nespresso is a global leader in the sale of coffe pods, accessories and machines. It is a company focusing on both beauty and commitment in farming industry development by launching every year  AAA Sustainable Quality™ awards for farmers and agronomists, in order to promote sustainable practices.


In the linear take-make-waste model, at the end of their lives, products are landfilled or incinerated. Nespresso’s main goal is to develop circular economy models with a low environmental impact, focusing on sustainability and recycling systems. Such a sustainable approach requires a minimization of the environmental impact. Innovative solutions development is proving the company’s commitment to deliver positive impacts to all the players of the value chain.


Nespresso has the ambition to further focus Its attention on sustainability by promoting several good initiatives for the company, the society and the environment. The company is collaborating with over 70.000 farmers from in 12 countries through Its  AAA Sustainable Quality™ programme, aiming at introducing sustainable practices within the local farms. Launched in 2003, supported by the Rainforest Alliance, the programme is contributing to improve the crop’s yield and quality, by ensuring a sustainable high quality coffee supply  and by improving the farmers living conditions.


Based in Lausanne, Switzerland , Nespresso operates in 69 countries and counts more than 12.000 employees. In 2016, the company managed a global sales network from over 600 exclusive boutiques.