The collaboration between VEGEA and the H&M Foundation started in April 2017, when the Stefan Persson organization, founder of H&M fashion brand, awarded VEGEA the first prize of the Global Change Award, the world’s biggest challenge for circular fashion business.

The H&M Foundation provided Vegea with a funding that the company invested in R&D activities and in the development of the first prototypes for dresses, handbags and shoes, showing the great potential and versatility of Vegeatextile®.



The collaboration between VEGEA and H&M Foundation is continuing with the joint participation to international events on sustainable fashion, in particular, Vegea was invited at H&M PO in Shanghai to discuss about the importance of sustainable technologies development and about the role of industrial tranfers in the building of international partnerships.


The H&M Group´s 2030 strategy is to reach 100% sustainable materials and to accelerate the shift to a circular fashion industry. That’s why the Swedish fashion brand is looking into Vegeatextile® innovation, a polymerization technology that is able to turn wine industry biomass’ oils and lignocellulosic components into a biopolymer for biobased technical textile to be used for fashion&design applications.


H&M Foundation is doing a great job by dealing with research and development, improvement of the planet’s living conditions and environment protection activities.

The important goals reached in the last three years led the Foundation to focus on such activities also for the next three years with the donation of about 18 million € and the development of new Global Programmes.