VEGEA® is a company developing and engineering technologies and processes based on biomass and in particular on the valorization agroindusry byproducts by fostering the use of renewable sources in alternative to fossil sources.

VEGEA® R&D is focused on the development of integrated agroindustry supply chains and on the valorization of waste and byproducts for the development of innovative biopolymers.


VEGEA® aims at building know-how improving the agroyndustry waste management through developed technologies enabling and promoting Its recovery rather than disposal.

The company developed several families of biopolymers from renewable sources through biochemical and termochemical processes dedicated to the creation of polymeric matrices for different applications: technical textile, fashion & design, food pack, pharma, beverage, automotive & transportation .

In particular, the company has developed and patented VEGEA®    TECHNICAL TEXTILE technology for the production of biobased technical textiles from wine industry biomass.




Starting from the client’s specific needs, VEGEA® offers dedicated services for the development of projects valorizing organic matrices and agroindustry waste.

After the analysis of data concerning the lifecycle from where the biomass comes out, the company  works on the project design valorizing the waste in a sustainable way through:


– Chemical characterization of the matrix;
– Search for extracting technologies of high value added compounds;
– Biotechnological process design for the production of biopolymers and biochemicals through fermentation: selection of the microbial strain, fermentation conditions optimization, process scaling up, bioproducts analysis and purification.