VEGEA company was established in Milan in 2016, with the aim to promote the integration between chemistry and agriculture through the development of new eco-sustainable products. We develop plant-based alternatives to fully synthetic, oil-derived materials. By leveraging the use of renewable resources, as an alternative to non-renewable fossil ones, our production processes rely on vegetal and recycled raw materials.

Cooperation between the public and the private sectors allows us to create synergies and partnerships with local industry and research institutes. Continuous investment in research activities enables the development of innovative and low environmental impact technologies and processes. In-house plants and know-how allow us to meet and satisfy our customer’s needs. Internal R&D laboratories are dedicated to the development of new products, we use coating and lamination plants for a Made in Italy production.

VEGEA is a vegan coated fabric, produced and distributed by the namesake company. The name VEGEA comes from the combination of VEG (Vegan) and GEA (Mother Earth), aiming to identify next generation of alternatives to totally oil-based and animal-derived materials. Our products meet major brands’ highest performance standards and environmental criteria. Characterised by a high content of vegetal, renewable and recycled raw materials, our products are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified and comply with the most stringent European regulations (REACH). They are Made in Italy and animal free.

VEGEA comes in a variety of solutions differing by technical and aesthetic properties like thickness, finishing and texture. We can make bespoke colours upon request.