Vegea® biomaterial is a registered trademark of Vegea company.

Vegea was founded in 2016, in Milan, as a Company producing bio-materials to be used in fashion & design Industries.

Its founders are Gianpiero Tessitore, architect, and Francesco Merlino, Industrial chemist.

Driven by the desire to find ecosustainable alternatives to products and materials commonly used in the fashion Industry, they started to research and invest on the development of an innovative technology producing bio-based technical fabrics.

In collaboration with Research Centers specialized in macromolecules synthesis, a scientific investigation is carried out on different agro-industrial plant matrices, with the aim to create bio-based materials from vegetal renewable sources.

This research led to identify the winemaking by-products, the grape marc, as the ideal raw material. This contains multifunctional components, which have been proved to be just perfect for the creation of eco-sustainable technical fabrics.



The exploitation of winemaking by-products is crucial for environmental sustainability.

In Vegea’s production process, these organic by-products are transformed into a high value added biomaterial.

The adopted circular economy model is the response to the challenges connected to the linear model, getting no longer sustainable, inefficient and expensive as It uses non-renewable sources.

The Company is industrializing the production process of Vegea in collaboration with textile Industries and wineries.

Master craftsmen and eco-designers are sharing their experience and expertise to create fashion prototypes for garments, handbags and shoes telling about Vegea’s versatility.

R&D focuses on the development of Vegea applications also for furniture, packaging, automotive & transportation Industries.


Gianpiero Tessitore

Founder & CEO

Valentina Longobardo


Francesco Merlino

Founder & CTO