VEGEA is a biomaterial obtained from the processing of the lignocellulose and oils contained in grape marc: a totally vegetal raw material consisting of the grape skins, stalks and seeds derived from the wine production.


The research is focused on the development of innovative biomaterials compatible with all the applications of fashion & design, in order to meet the need for green and animal free products to be used in these Industries.


VEGEA is the new Made in Italy combining two great Italian excellences: Fashion and Wine, both worldwide known as style icons for the high quality of their products and the long artistic and manufacturing tradition.

Currently, Italy is the largest wine producer since the 18% of the global wine production is Made in Italy, this makes our Country the ideal one for Vegea’s manufacturing.

From 26 billion Liters of wine per year produced worldwide, we can derive 7 billion Kilograms of grape marc for an annual potential production of 3 billion square meters of Vegea.